You Know You Need to Expand When…

You Know You Need to Expand When…*

  • Your sales have topped $800 per square foot. “If they are at that level and you haven’t ­started planning,” according to Bill Gessner, “you are behind.” If sales are not there yet, you should plan to get there.
  • Your store has been ­profitable three years in a row.
  • Current sales growth is in the double digits.

*If your store meets these three ­criteria, expansion might be worth considering.

You Know You Really Really Need to Expand When…

  • The most common ­expression heard in the aisles is “Excuse me.”
  • You get five or more ­complaints a day from ­customers who have to park two blocks away.
  • The most common response to customer requests is “Sorry, no more room on the shelves.”
  • There are not enough ­shopping carts to go around. On Tuesday morning.
  • Staff take their breaks in the product receiving area because there’s nowhere else available.
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