Using CoCoFiSt for Developing Targeted Improvements

Over the last seven months, CDS has worked with the Southeast Cooperative Grocer’s Association (SECGA) on an off-site assessment of each department in all seven SECGA stores. “We targeted two departments for improvement based on potential improvements using CoCoGap, and followed up with an on-site assessment to determine barriers that might prevent improvement,” said Mel Braverman, CDS consultant who has worked with Walden Swanson the past year on CoCoFiSt projects. “Then we prepared an action plan to improve the department’s performance.”

CoCoGap was also used to measure each store’s performance against the top performers. In addition, using historical data the program could determine if poor performance had been a long or short-term trend. SECGA could set a point from which to measure improvement, take into account operational trends, and then using CoCoBud, project performance for the next three years.

“The exciting thing about using CoCoFiSt data is that it is being continually refined for the needs of the cooperative business community, and CoCoFist is a very powerful tool that will help improve performance in any store willing to learn how to utilize it,” Mel added.

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