Ten Easy Tips to Improve Sales





Whether sales are lagging or booming, smart retailers are continuously enhancing and improving their tactics for increasing the bottom line. These ten tips for improving sales are low cost to implement, produce immediate results, and will inspire excitement about your store’s products and services. Include that all-important personal touch to make customer buying decisions easy, and you’ll see higher sales and rising customer loyalty.

  • Offer dynamic specials. Ensure there are appealing and high-demand items on sale throughout store departments. There should be at least one special for every major category at all times. (Do not rely solely on Co-op Deals for your specials!) Signs need to draw the customer’s attention, so use large print and “% OFF” to advertise the special deal.
  • river-valley-meat-casePromote fresh food specials (meat, produce, seafood, prepared foods, bakery). Take advantage of certain times of year and holidays with weekly specials featuring well-placed fresh and seasonal items.
  • Give up margin to create “Hot Price Points.” Margin is a tool for managing profit, but not the goal. Gross profit dollars through higher volume is the goal.
  • Recommend multiple unit sales. Boost volume by offering customers two or three units for a certain dollar amount. This approach can greatly increase units sold even with no price breaks. Focus on readily consumable products such as small yogurts, juice or candy bars.
  • sampleSponsor samples and demos. A regular sampling and demo program, especially during peak shopping times, is critical to higher sales and a positive in-store shopping experience. Relate sampled products to your specials.
  • Encourage front-end impulse buys. Make sure the check-out lanes have lots of easy-to-reach small items. Rotate them seasonally when appropriate (wellness items, holiday candy, snacks).
  • Create vertical sets versus horizontal. End caps should feature tie-in items in visually attractive sets, for example, oils and vinegars, nut butters and jams, pasta and sauces.
  • Enhance and model excellent customer service. Instruct staff to walk a customer to a product they ask about and take it off the shelf and hand it to them. Give customers shopping baskets when they have items in their hands. Make eye contact and verbally engage with all customers.
  • cashierDevelop fully trained staff. Before staff go out on the floor to greet customers ensure that they have working knowledge of the products and where they are located in the store.
  • Print recipes for customers to take home. Recipes inspire and educate customers. Provide tasty, easy recipes for cooking meat, bulk, unique fresh foods and new items. Include recipes with meal-solution end cap displays.



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