Project Management

When and Who to Hire (or Contract) for Startups

As a new co-op project progresses through the 3 stages of the development process and the workload and complexity of the co-op development process increases, founding team and board members often wonder when to hire help, and for what roles. Though the size, skills and situation of each startup group [...]

Restructuring the Co-op to Prepare for Growth

When you walk into a building for the first time, you may not notice the way the building is structured and how well you move through it. But if you have ever been lost or felt claustrophobic in a space, you instinctively feel the effects of bad design. The fundamental [...]

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Hiring and guiding a project manager/GM

When should you think about hiring? What should you look for? How to set up an accountable and empowering relationship? How to decide when hiring a project manager is worth the investment? (potential savings in time and money and more effective organizing)

Developing and Managing a Timeline

What are the techniques and action steps you can take to develop, manage and revise a timeline that will guide your efforts? How do you integrate your start-up project with the “Four Cornerstones in Three Stages” development model? How to manage a timeline that achieves accountability avoids unrealistic expectations and [...]

Project Stage II: Preparing for Leasehold Improvements/Construction

Now that your co-op has declared its intent to expand its current location, relocate to a new and larger site, or add an additional store, how you proceed with those grand plans will help to determine the long-term success of your co-op. The co-op has extensively researched the concept, committed [...]

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Expert Project Management Through CDS

Denise Chevalier has been involved with cooperatives since 1985, serving on the Board of Directors, as store manager and interim general manager of New Pioneer Co-op and as a buyer for Blooming Prairie Warehouse. Denise’s focus is in the area of retail expansion, from organizational planning through project management. Contact [...]

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A Near Miss at Mississippi Market

By Carolee Colter 092 January - February - 2001 What went wrong? What lessons can other co-ops contemplating expansion learn from Mississippi Market's experience? By all accounts, Mississippi Market's second store expansion was a disaster. In 1996 when this St. Paul, MN co-op set out to purchase land and build [...]

Clarifying Board and Management Roles in Expansion/Relocation Projects

By Bill Gessner 083 July - August - 1999 Many co-ops talk about the need to move or expand for years. Often it is all talk, with a few false starts and little formal planning or action. For other co-ops, an opportunity to move into the perfect site appears out [...]