Make Your Produce Holiday Season a Success

Traditionally a time of community events and gathering together to celebrate the bounty of the season’s agricultural harvest, the Thanksgiving holiday is a great opportunity for food co-ops to stand out and highlight what they have to offer! Here are a few seasonal suggestions to help make your produce holiday [...]

Distinguishing Characteristics: Utilizing the Power of Produce to Stand Out from the Crowd

By James Morrell 190 May-June 2017 Keeping it fresh: a vibrant and fresh produce department is a key part of most natural food cooperatives, and a positive produce experience is the primary reason given by shoppers for their choice of a specific store or location. A healthy produce department offers a [...]

Promoting Passion for Fresh, Local, and Organic

What makes a grocery store great? We know that the basics include a convenient location, good customer service and quality products. While every department plays its part in that equation, it is often the fresh departments, like meat and produce especially, that contribute to a store’s reputation in the ­community. [...]

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Finding the Keys to Building a Local Food Program

There are a lot of ways to approach the discussion about building sustainable local food systems, but for a lot of food co-ops, it often starts in the produce department. This is because that is the co-op’s most visible and dynamic perishables department, and one upon which the store’s reputation [...]

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Sticker Shock and Accurate Rings

By Mark Mulcahy 133 November - December - 2007 I was standing in a produce department the other day stickering what seemed like thousands of tomatoes with little green stickers. A customer walked up and said, “Why do you do that? I hate stickers on my produce, they are a [...]

Great Expectations: Ask it of your produce department, and it will come

By Mark Mulcahy 126 September - October - 2006 A conversation I often have with general managers and produce managers these days concerns how to take their produce to the next level. My usual answer to the question is multi-layered, depending on where the department is at that moment. Are [...]

Strengthening Fresh Produce Departments

Fresh produce is a big marketing draw for many food co-ops, yet there is a dearth of established training programs for improving performance. The Central Corridor recognized the need to better support produce department management and has engaged CDS to work with produce managers to focus on closing the margin [...]

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