Personnel Policies

Safety Training That Works

An Interview with Paul Feiner As a Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) professional, Paul Feiner works full time as Store Support Manager at Sacramento Natural Foods in Sacramento, CA.  On the side, he and his brother Michael manage a consulting business that helps small businesses develop proactive loss prevention programs to [...]

Whistleblower Policy for Employee Handbook

If you observe what you believe to be wrongful conduct, you have the right and the duty to report it without fear of retaliation. Definition of wrongful conduct Wrongful conduct includes serious improprieties that potentially impact the integrity and effective operation of Your Co-op. Examples of wrongful conduct include, but [...]

Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act

By Sarah Dahl, Melanie Reid 180 Sept-Oct 2015 The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, or FLSA, is a federal statute that provides certain protections to workers. These protections include the 40-hour work week, a national minimum wage, and non-oppressive employment of minors. Additionally, the FLSA guarantees time-and-a-half pay for [...]

4 tips for dealing with union organization at your store

Due to a recent proliferation of union organizing efforts, more companies may be finding out what it means to have store employees unionizing. If you're one of them, or if you want to be prepared in case your business is targeted, here are a few tips that should help orient [...]

Romance in the workplace

It happens all the time. Co-workers get attracted to each other and next thing you know…. Workplace romances can impact the productivity and morale of the protagonists and their co-workers. That impact is greater still when a supervisor and subordinate are involved. It happens all the time. Co-workers get attracted [...]

4 tasks for spring cleaning your human resources department

Spring is the season when windows get cleaned, soil gets turned and everything feels fresh and bright. When spring fever strikes you on a sunny afternoon, take the opportunity to tackle some “spring cleaning” of human resources systems. Tidy up the personnel files. Keeping a well-organized personnel file for each [...]

3 ways to prevent communication catastrophe in your natural business

My experience shows me that when communication breaks down, so do any number of other systems in the organization. When we create a culture in which everyone is accountable for communication, we create an environment of trust, openness and honesty for our employees. 1.Include a policy on direct communication in [...]

Questioning At Will Employment

By Carolee Colter 152 January - February - 2011 In the previous edition of this magazine (CG #151, November–December 2010) we read about the progress of the Domestic Fair Trade Association in establishing principles for domestic fair trade. While the DFTA is not itself a certifier, one of the major [...]