Inclusion: Starting from the Store

You can't have a conversation about inclusion without first expanding the circle and inviting everyone to the table. Prasanna Regmi, General Manager at Davis Food Co-op in Davis, CA talks about the work being done at Davis starting with the core of the co-op network, the store.

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Keeping the Co-op at the Table

Co-op donation and local giving programs is sometimes not enough. In order for the cooperative to remain a central and key player in the local community it can sometimes mean getting involved in local government, planning committees, and more. These are the kinds of strategies employed by Liz Haywood, CEO [...]

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What ‘Everyone Welcome’ Means

The closing of a nearby neighborhood grocer presented what could have been a great sales boost for Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth, MN. But the neighbors weren't beating down the doors of WFD.  Sarah Hanningan, GM, tells the story of what it took to reach out to their neighbors and [...]

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Is Independence a Barrier to Cooperation?

As a result of the coalescing of the regional Co-op Grocers Associations into National Co+op Grocers GreenTree Co-op was able to undergo a transformational shift in their approach to operations and customer experience. Sarah Christensen, GM at GreenTree in Mt. Pleasant, talks about what she perceives as a barrier to [...]

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Featured Co-op Cafe Video: Co-ops as Public Service Providers

Many people visit a food co-op on a daily basis, not just to meet their needs for groceries, but to get information or be more engaged in their communities. Likewise, hundreds upon thousands of people also use public libraries with a high degree of participation. John Sheller, a trustee at [...]

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Co-ops as Public Service Providers

John Sheller, Trustee PCC Natural Markets   Seattle, WA   John shares a unique perspective he brings to his board by way of his professional work as a manager of public libraries in the Seattle region. You may be suprised at how much overlap exists between a public library system [...]

Featured Video: Co-ops as a Hub for Community Development

Terry Bowling, general manager, La Montañita Co-op, Albuquerque, N.M. La Montañita Co-op is a thriving retail and wholesale operation with six retail locations and a warehouse. Terry Bowling, the co-op’s general manager sees potential for the co-op to do even more by being a hub of community development. When the [...]

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