Guiding the Fundamentals of Co-op Business

Seward Community Co-op Minneapolis, MN Year founded: 1972 Member investment: $75 Number of members: 20,000 Number of employees: 270 Locations: Franklin and Friendship grocery stores, cafe, production kitchen, administrative offices Ray Williams is Seward Community Co-op’s operations manager and recognizes that even though the co-op has achieved a lot over [...]

Updating Trends in General Manager Compensation

By Carolee Colter March-April 2017 View data by downloading attached PDF. Data from 104 co-ops with annual sales ranging from $1M to $74M In 2006 and 2011, this magazine published studies on general manager (GM) compensation. Continuing that tradition, here’s a look at the state of management compensation in food [...]

Retail Operations Survey 2002 Report: Invest in Success

Available only as a PDF below, due to complexity of content. Prepared with the help of the Data Analyst Team* * Data analysis was carried out by a team of people from around the country: Walden Swanson, Kate Sumberg, Peg Nolan, Dave Gutknecht, Patricia Cumbie, Connie Cleary, John Eicholz, John [...]

Case Study: Meat Department Sparks Reputation for Service and Quality

  River Valley Market Northampton, Mass. Year founded: 2008 Member investment: $150 stock purchase Number of members: 5,760 Retail square feet:17,000 Number of employees: 105 River Valley Market in Northampton, Mass., has enjoyed unprecedented success as a startup operation, and sales continue to climb. This is due in part to [...]

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Dealing Responsibly with Operational Concerns

Directors who are diligently trying to fulfill their fiduciary duty regularly notice things within their co-op that may be cause for concern – or at least worth asking about. At the same time, these same directors want to honor the Board’s clear delegation to the GM and that GM’s professional [...]

Invest in Success: Retail Operations Survey 2002 Report

By Patricia Cumbie, Data Analysis Team 107 July - August - 2003 If you don't think a grocery co-op could be synonymous with "cash cow," you may need to adjust your reading glasses before going any further. The financial data from 2002 indicate that cooperatives' position is viable and improving [...]

Operational Improvement and You

By Mel Braverman 104 January - February - 2003 Once I asked a general manager, whose store had many operational and financial problems, how she decided her work priorities on a daily basis and for the longer term. She responded "I don't have to decide. I come to work and [...]

Strong Results, Debatable Future: 2001 Retail Operations Survey

By Peg Nolan, Patricia Cumbie, Walden Swanson, Dave Gutknecht 101 July - August - 2002 Synopsis: Several years of data from the Retail Operations Survey, the Natural Food Merchandiser (NFM) "Market Overview," and annual reports of Whole Foods Market, Inc. and Wild Oats Inc. indicate that the natural products market [...]

Your New Store: Meeting First Year Challenges

By Bill Gessner 099 March - April - 2002 You have successfully navigated the stormy waters of a relocation/expansion project. Your co-op has proudly opened the new store amidst celebration, praise, relief, adrenaline and exhaustion. At this common juncture, I have had the privilege of being able to offer a [...]