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Meat Managers Share Advice on Competing with the Big Boys

By Pete Hodgson 189 March-April 2017 A decade ago, it was still a challenge for consumers to find high quality, locally raised meats. Nowadays, there is no shortage of choices. Everyone from the mom-and-pop grocer to the big-box retailer offers some kind of deal on meat—even the gas station! Competitors [...]

Ten Meat Margin Killers: Aim for Variety, High Quality, Freshness

By Pete Hodgson 182 January-February 2016 Building your meat department’s reputation for variety, high quality, and freshness is a big part of creating loyal customers. Customers today often prefer cuts prepared in-house, and demand for value-added products and locally sourced meats continues to grow. The short shelf life of meat [...]

Holiday Meat Merchandising and Promotions

Holidays are critical times to increase your product selection and improve meat merchandizing.  This is the time of year to attract customers seeking specialty items, or meats for traditional meals, like turkey for Thanksgiving, and lamb or ham for Christmas and New Year celebrations.  The two holidays bring in high [...]

Steps to Improve Your Meat Department

The meat department is a signature department in your co-op, and building your reputation for variety, high quality, and freshness is a big part of drawing loyal customers to your store. It’s important to continually evaluate merchandising, sales and product selection in order to meet the evolving needs of natural [...]

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Promoting Passion for Fresh, Local, and Organic

What makes a grocery store great? We know that the basics include a convenient location, good customer service and quality products. While every department plays its part in that equation, it is often the fresh departments, like meat and produce especially, that contribute to a store’s reputation in the ­community. [...]

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New! Meat and Seafood Consulting through CDS CC: Meet Pete Hodgson

Pete Hodgson has over two decades experience working in retail meat and seafood departments, including 17 years in management. During the last decade, he has focused his career on natural and organic meats, and he previously served as the meat and seafood manager and operations manager at River Valley Market [...]

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