Loss Prevention

The Problem No One Wants to Talk About

A client, who I’ll call Mary, is the owner of a small natural foods store. A new bookkeeper had been on the job for several months before Mary studied the bank records and realized $15,000 had disappeared. Mary confronted the bookkeeper, who sobbed that she'd "borrowed" the money to pay [...]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for shoplifting!

Of the average $40 billion in U.S. retail theft annually, a significant share of that is unfortunately stuffed into stockings and swept out the door during the holidays. Customer Service  As your team is gearing up for the holiday rush, it’s important to remember that great customer service is far [...]

Protecting People and Assets:  Implementing a Security Plan

                        If there’s one thing retailers know, it’s that they have to expect surprises and mishaps as a matter of course in business.  Many things can go wrong in a flash, and unfortunately, are not that unusual: power outages, [...]

Case Study: Protecting the Co-op Starts with Focus on Systems

Central Co-op Seattle, WA Year founded:  1978 Equity requirement:  $60 Number of members:  13,000 Number of staff:  117 Retail square feet:  11,500 At one of the busiest crossroads in Washington State sits Central Co-op in Seattle.  Situated on Capitol Hill, it is the intersection of all that’s stimulating in an [...]

Safety, Security, and Loss Prevention: Strategies for success

By Michael Feiner, Paul Feiner 170 January - February 2014 Food co-ops may be some of the best-intentioned enterprises across the retail spectrum. They are guided by core values of shared responsibility, environmental stewardship, support for more equitable communities, and conscious consumption; it’s hard to imagine a more mindful and [...]