Livable Wage

When a Living Wage Becomes a Demotivator

By Sarah Dahl 195 March-April 2018 It’s hard to understand how something as benevolent as paying a living wage could cause resentment within the workforce. With over half (29) of states and an additional 39 localities mandating a minimum wage higher than the legal threshold of $7.25, more co-ops are [...]

Implementing a Livable Wage in a Competitive Market

By Sarah Dahl, Lauren Olson 183 Mar-Apr 2016 Half of National Co+op Grocers member co-ops surveyed are under pressure to increase staff wages, according to a 2015 report. This pressure is not unique to co-ops. With efforts led by groups such as Fight for 15 and dialogues at local, state, [...]

How we built a Cooperative Model for a Livable Wage

By Carolee Colter 126 September - October - 2006 The concept of paying a livable wage appeals to everyone—employees, managers, boards, co-op members, and the community at large. Although there’s no official definition and no agreed-upon methodology for calculating a livable (or living) wage, the Northwest Job Gap Study defines [...]

Can Co-ops Pay a Livable Wage?

By Carolee Colter 104 January - February - 2003 Across the country a movement is building to demand a "livable wage" (or "living wage") for employees. Although there is no official definition, a livable wage is understood to be one that allows workers to fully pay for their basic needs. [...]