Collaborative Interviewing

A growing body of research shows that cognitive biases creep into everyone’s decisions, even if we consciously strive to be fair. One of the most insidious forms is “confirmation bias,” in which people look for data that confirm their opinion and ignore data that contradict it. Confirmation bias has a [...]

Case Study: Evolving a Work Culture through Participation and Training

From July-August 2014 Chico Natural Foods Co-op Chico, California Year founded: 1973 Number of members: 3,000 Equity investment: $200 Number of employees: 53 Retail square feet: 3,300 Often when sales are flat, retailers look to marketing initiatives to entice new customers and boost revenue. Savvy retailers also look inward and [...]

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GM Compensation Database

Working with Carolee Colter and CoopMetrics, and in ­collaboration with the National Cooperative Grocers Association, the CDS Consulting Co-op CBLD team has designed an easy-to-use database for general managers to input compensation information and retrieve summarized reports. The system has been designed to ensure confidentiality of personal information and yet [...]

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Maintaining the Governance Position in Grievance Procedures

How can the board express its values regarding staff treatment, and hold management accountable and be accountable to the member owners without getting directly involved in HR and staff issues? Human resource and staff issues, in particular, staff grievances, can become emotionally charged, affecting relationships throughout the cooperative and community. [...]

Case Study: Strategy for Success through HR Excellence

The Food Co-op in Port Townsend, Wash. has done an employee survey administered by Carolee Colter, now CDS Consulting Co-op’s human resources and training consultant, every two years for ten years running. They believe that they wouldn’t be where they are operationally as an organization without the measureable input they’ve [...]

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Promote Culture of Growth by Fostering Great Workplaces

When a business is a great place to work, you’ll find employees who take pride in their work, act in partnership with management, and are motivated to contribute stellar service to the customers. In this way the workplace is transformed into a highly functioning, positive community of people carrying out [...]

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