Hiring Practices

Collaborative Interviewing

A growing body of research shows that cognitive biases creep into everyone’s decisions, even if we consciously strive to be fair. One of the most insidious forms is “confirmation bias,” in which people look for data that confirm their opinion and ignore data that contradict it. Confirmation bias has a [...]

Pointers for a successful job fair

If you are planning an expansion of your location or service offerings, or just need a fresh influx of applicants, a job fair is a proven way to get a lot of applicants processed quickly. If you’re willing to give this recruitment effort a try, here are a few tips [...]

Home-Grown Talent: A guide to promoting from within

By Carolee Colter 122 January - February - 2006 Promoting leaders from among your existing staff offers a lot of advantages. Surprises are minimized—the person’s strengths and weaknesses are known quantities. Furthermore, you can reward and keep your good workers by giving them more responsibility and compensation instead of losing [...]

Finding the One: Make your own luck when it comes to hiring

By Mark Mulcahy 114 September - October - 2004 Have you ever said to yourself, “Thank heaven we’ve found someone to fill the position for general manager or produce manager or deli manager?” They seemed nice enough at the interview. Said everything you like to hear. And as an added [...]

Diamonds in the Rough: Hiring teens in the produce section

By Mark Mulcahy 097 November - December - 2001 Seek ye the diamond in the rough. The economy slows down, and produce departments start looking for answers to boost business and gain new customers. Many times we have resources available to us that are right in front of our eyes, [...]

Planning Management Succession

By Carolee Colter 085 November - December - 1999 Say the board of directors at your co-op has adopted a set of policies to ensure a successor for the general manager. Now management's work begins. Thinking beyond mere emergency replacement for the general manager position (see sidebar), you can create [...]

Hello Goodbye: Conducting Exit Interviews

By Carolee Colter 029 July - August - 1990 You may, or may not, miss someone when they're gone. In either case, holding exit interviews with departing staff will provide the co-op with valuable information to improve operations. It also will give employees a sense of closure and, ideally, good [...]

Getting and Giving Employment References

By Carolee Colter 025 November - December - 1989 An applicant's past performance in previous jobs is one of the best indicators you will get of how she will perform on the job. However, recent legal developments have changed the whole process of reference checking into a field of quicksand. [...]