Is An Owner Capital Campaign Right For Your Co-op?

It seems like many co-ops are either in the middle of, just finished, or are about to start a project. And all of those projects need adequate capital to be successful. Raising money from co-op owners has become a standard component of project capitalization and the amounts co-ops are raising [...]

Open Book Management: Now is the Time!

By Melanie Reid Co-ops continue to face an increasingly tough marketplace. Competition for employees is as tough as it is for food dollars. One strategy for attracting and retaining talented and passionate staff members is to build a culture of strong employee engagement. Open Book Management (OBM) has the potential to [...]

Great Idea: Using Financial Conditions Monitoring Templates

In the GM Report Support section of the CBLD Library you will find easy to use financial monitoring report templates.   Balance sheets, Income/Expense (aka profit/loss) statements, and cash flow statements are all excellent tools that can help managers manage. But on their own, these same financial statements do not [...]

GM Report Support: Financial Conditions Monitoring

  Cooperative managers are charged with creating reports that demonstrate financial accountability to the board. Yet some managers struggle with having the right amount of information for their boards. When it comes to financial reporting what is the right amount? In the CDS Consulting Co-op Library in the GM Report Support [...]

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Context Matters: Using Trends to Monitor the Financial Health of your Co-op

By Michael Healy When it comes to numbers and data, context matters. The context in which we place particular numbers helps us make meaning of those numbers, and this is particularly important when we are talking about financial data. Over many generations, managers and accountants have developed financial reporting tools [...]

Minimizing the Risk of Fraud

By Thane Joyal, Mark Goehring 173 July - August 2014 Loss prevention is a key piece of the retail grocery business. Co-op managers are aware of this at their level and manage against it every day, but everyone in the cooperative needs to pay attention to the possibility. Board members: don’t [...]

Great Idea: Using Trend Data in Financial Reporting

  Along with the template Financial Conditions policy, in the CBLD Library you can find an easy to use monitoring report template that reflects the trends approach outlined in this article. When it comes to numbers and data, context matters. This is particularly important when we are talking about financial [...]

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