Using Ends to Tell the Story

The author Stephen Covey made “begin with the end in mind” a famous touchstone with his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Beginning with the end in mind is “Habit #2.” Of all the habits he writes about, this one involves the most reflection, pushing the reader to [...]

Ends Outline Co-op Communication Strategy

Three Rivers Market Knoxville, TN Year founded: 1976 Number of members: 8,200 Member investment: $200 Number of employees: 40 Retail square feet: 10,000 A few years ago, Jackie Arthur, the general manager at Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, TN, decided to switch up her approach to co-op communications with her [...]

Cooperative Ends, Impact, and Telling the Story

An individual member-owner or customer or vendor could probably describe how the co-op impacts their life: This is where I get the food that feeds my family. Or, I see all my friends here. Or, this is the center of my community. Or, I make my living by selling my [...]

Communicating Co-op Impact to Staff, Members and Community

Hunger Mountain Co-op Montpelier, VT Year founded:  1972 Number of members:  8,300 Member investment:  $180 Number of staff:  165 Retail square feet:  12,000 Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier, VT has created a system of planning and reporting that has led to their ability to communicate the co-op’s impact on the [...]

Renew Commitment, Re-Imagine Ends

Turbulent times in the marketplace start to resemble the peaks and valleys of the desert landscape for one Southwest food co-op. In this succinct and invigorating video, Xochitl Torres Small, Board Member at Mountain View Market in Las Cruces, NM tells of how a properly timed Ends policy review created [...]

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Including Members in the Ends Dialogues

How is your board spending its time? It’s easy to get caught up in the delegation and accountability portion of a board’s job.  Yet there’s a whole other side to the work that is equally important, and the ultimate endeavor of the board: spending time thinking about the co-op’s desired [...]

Stakeholder Engagement is Vital to Co-op Alignment

Seward Community Co-op opened two new business units back-to-back in the late summer and early fall of 2015.  Part of that opening process for the second retail location and the Co-op Creamery Cafe involved intensive community engagement as the new co-op location initially encountered resistance from a group of people [...]

Co-op’s Ends Encompass Community Vision

As the Neighborhood Co-op Grocery in Carbondale, Ill. grew over the years, the role of the board had also changed exponentially. This prompted the board to think about the co-op more broadly as a community asset, and in turn, it realized that its mission statement had not kept up with [...]

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