Cooperative Principles

The Power of an Association of People

Using the Cooperative Principles as her guideposts, Jamila Medley, Executive Director for the Philadelphia-Area Cooperative Alliance as well as a consultant with CDS Consulting Co-op, asks listeners "What are you doing?" Are we doing everything we can be doing to grow our social justice missions? Medley asks many powerful questions [...]

Creating a Cooperative Economy

In stock-owned businesses, such as those you find on Wall Street, owners can live anywhere. They never have to use the goods or the services that the company offers. For instance, you can own stock in McDonald’s and never eat there, or own shares in Walmart and never shop there. [...]

Dwell in Possibility: Cooperating with Other Sectors

The sixth Cooperative Principle, Cooperation Among Co-ops, or P6, seems like a no-brainer.  Of course, cooperatives should cooperate.  There are a lot of benefits to working together, and cross-sector collaboration seems to be the best path toward creating a stronger cooperative economy.  Plus, it’s in the organizational DNA, right? Everyone [...]

Using the 7 Cooperative Principles as Strategic Guide

Sometimes things become so familiar to us they lose some of their meaning.  In the workshops I conduct for board members and employees there is one particular exercise that I really enjoy doing.  The purpose of the exercise is to bring the co-op principles to life and connect them to [...]

Step by Step: Creating a cooperative economy

By Adam Schwartz 153 March - April - 2011 From my vantage point, too many dollars flow out of cooperatively owned businesses into investor-held businesses, either in the form of purchases or investments. Is your cooperative committed to growing the cooperative business model? Cooperatives are the best model for social [...]