Board Discipline

In order to be effective in leading a retail food cooperative, a board must protect the integrity of its process.  Two keys to sound board process are the ability to speak with one voice and the ability to protect confidential information.  Most often these objectives are achieved with a shared [...]

Great Idea: Strengthening Co-op Through Bylaws Revision

You wouldn’t think a single document could have so much impact on a co-op’s culture or its bottom line, but the articles and bylaws of the cooperative not only set legal precedence, but direct how business is carried out. Good working knowledge of the content of these documents is important [...]

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Taking Care of Board Fundamentals

By Joel Kopischke 164 Jan-Feb 2013 As cooperative boards strive for heavenly results, they need to be sure the devil is not in the details. When boards of directors consider their duties—ensuring organizational accountability, setting strategic direction, providing board perpetuation, engaging ownership—the broader strategic initiatives typically are the "juiciest" and [...]

‘Fresh Start’ Bylaws Template

UPDATED: February 27, 2016 Bylaws are an important set of governing agreements in which the member-owners of a cooperative articulate the special dual relationship they have with each other: members of an association and owners of a business. In the bylaws, the member-owners define how they will make certain decisions [...]

Why Rehash the Old When You Can Start New? Try Fresh Start Bylaws

It is the duty of boards to keep the co-op’s bylaws up to date on behalf of the membership, yet board members sometimes feel it is an overwhelming and potentially tedious task. That’s why CDS Consulting Co-op members Michael Healy and Thane Joyal developed the Fresh Start Bylaws template to [...]

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