Board Holism

What is Board Holism or Speaking with One Voice?

When the members elect and delegate the board to act on behalf of all members, the delegation is to the board, not to individual directors. This means that the authority lies with the board as a whole, and is expressed by board actions and decisions. In its dealings with its [...]

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Creating Board Holism in Board Communication

Here are a few examples of recurring board processes:  nominations, recruiting and elections; GM evaluation; GM compensation; board self-evaluation; setting board priorities; agenda planning; officers roles and elections; code of conduct review and consideration of conduct issues; acting on reports from management; and responding to member or customer input. That [...]

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Taking Care of Board Fundamentals

By Joel Kopischke 164 Jan-Feb 2013 As cooperative boards strive for heavenly results, they need to be sure the devil is not in the details. When boards of directors consider their duties—ensuring organizational accountability, setting strategic direction, providing board perpetuation, engaging ownership—the broader strategic initiatives typically are the "juiciest" and [...]

Healthy Board Dissent

By Todd Wallace 161 July - August - 2012 Our co-op boards are groups elected and charged with a common purpose: fulfilling the legal and moral obligations of their co-op, on behalf of a diverse set of member-owners. Their fiduciary responsibilities demand high-quality deliberation and decision-making to ensure both the [...]

Great Idea: Think Ahead About Board Communication and Process

There are two new resources in the CBLD Library on communication and process issues. Thane Joyal builds on Max Saito’s tips for effective communication with a Field Guide on Best Practices for Electronic Communication, and Thane and Todd Wallace have produced a 20-minute recorded presentation on Board Holism. Field Guide: [...]

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Evaluating the General Manager

By Mark Goehring, Carolee Colter 143 July - August - 2009   A board evaluating the general manager (GM) of a food co-op…now there’s a process that directors should be able to describe, defend, celebrate and appreciate with little or no ambiguity or hesitation. In a recent online recorded workshop [...]