Annual Meetings

Videography Tips for Recording Live Presentations

As a professional videographer I am often asked for tips on how to capture great video recordings.  Since I know this is a question people have, I'm doing the world a service by putting this info out front for you to find on your own, or for me to refer [...]

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Gain Greater Participation at Your Next Annual Meeting

Annual meetings are the one time of year when cooperative leaders get to communicate face-to-face with members about the state of the co-op and its future goals. While these meetings tend to attract the “hard core” members who will attend no matter what, cooperators are also seeking ways to bring [...]

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Great Idea: Record Annual Meeting Activities for Posterity

This year Hanover Food Co-op in Hanover, New Hampshire celebrated its 75th anniversary. As part of their annual meeting activities in April, they launched a co-op expo, brought in co-op historian and author David Thompson to speak at the annual meeting, and are currently creating a sequel to their Hand [...]

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Engaging Owners at the Annual Meeting

  Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli - Minneapolis, Minnesota At Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they saw the benefit of bringing members together over food. “If we promoted the annual meeting as ‘come hear from the board’ it would not be terribly compelling,” said Madeline Kastler, president [...]

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Annual Meetings and Annual Reports

The annual meeting and annual report provide our co-ops with a built in mechanism for telling the important story of how we make a difference in our member-owners’ lives. Think of them as a structured opportunity for the co-op to be accountable to its member-owners in both governance and operational [...]