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When and Who to Hire (or Contract) for Startups

As a new co-op project progresses through the 3 stages of the development process and the workload and complexity of the co-op development process increases, founding team and board members often wonder when to hire help, and for what roles. Though the size, skills and situation of each startup group [...]

Growth Frameworks for Expansions and Startups Predicate Success

From September-October 2014 Let’s say you wanted to bake a cake. Chances are you would make a plan, choose a recipe and buy the necessary ingredients. To make your cake even more spectacular, you might pick out the highest quality ingredients, or go to a cookbook written by a baking [...]

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Systematic Growth for Expansions and Startups

From September-October 2014 When we talk about building a better world through cooperation, one of the best ways to act on it is to systematize growth so that more people can experience the benefits of a co-op in their community. Developing a strong plan by following a time-tested model is [...]

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Case Study: East Aurora Cooperative Market—Benefits of 4 in 3 Model to Launch Startup

From September-October 2014 East Aurora Cooperative Market East Aurora, NY Year founded and incorporated: 2010 Number of members: 910 Equity investment: $200 Opening goal: Spring 2015 Retail square feet: 5,000 The East Aurora Cooperative Market got its start when a group of people in the East Aurora community saw a [...]

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Supporting the Diverse Needs of Startups

Cooperatives are known for giving back to their local communities. There are myriad examples of the ways food co-ops have supported positive change in many towns and cities around the country. Likewise, when that same focus on support is given to inter-co-op development, great things happen. Over the last decade [...]

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Co-ops Create More Co-ops

There was a time not that long ago when food co-op startup groups could be counted on one hand. They were truly anomalies. There was a huge gap in food co-op development between 1988 when Weaver Street Market in Carrboro, N.C., opened and 2003 when Eastside Food Co-op in Minneapolis [...]

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Great Idea: Startup Policy Templates Easily Set Up New Boards

For many years, startups looking for an organizational structure had to adapt governance policies from existing co-ops. It certainly helped, but wasn’t efficient to have to translate the differences between an established board and one that was just beginning. Now startups have policy templates that are geared to address the [...]