Promoting Co-op

There are myriad strategic discussions going on around the globe about how to get people to feel confident enough to start investing again. A lot of proposed tactics seem aligned with what a lot of people value: take care of the environment, and it will take care of you, for example. Yet why is it so many of these promises still seem so empty?

Cooperatives may not offer the kind of returns that burn up the charts and allow for massive wealth, but they also do not concentrate their resources on just a few individuals. Not only that, their track record for return on investment, when looked at over decades, not weeks or months, is incredibly strong.

At CDS Consulting Co-op, we are in favor of simple solutions based on the cooperative model. Give people real reasons for why they should invest in cooperation by showing them how it not only brings benefits to individuals, but also improves communities, helps others, and builds a local economy. As our consultant Tami Bauers said, “Only good comes of it.” Looking at it from that perspective, it’s an easy investment to tout.

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