People’s Expands: A Tale of Two Co-ops

What happens when you merge a mature, financially stable co-op together with one that needs to build market share? Great things! In this lively presentation by Michelle Schry, general manager of People’s Co-op in LaCrosse, Wisc. and Rochester, Minn. you’ll learn how increasing the depth and reach of cooperation within our regions leads to exponential impact on the local economy and communities.

“We are trying not just to multiply, but to exponentially increase our ability to have positive impacts,” Schry said. Both co-ops looked at the advantages of working together to reduce debt and expand market share and decided that the solution was simple—use cooperation to help each other succeed. In 2012, People’s Co-op in LaCrosse merged with the Rochester Good Food Co-op after a successful member vote. What they’ve done matters. What their cooperatives have achieved on behalf of local farmers and economy is stunning: they’ve purchased products from 228 local farms (51 is the food co-op average) and 235 non-farm producers (106 is the average) and kept millions of dollars recirculating in the community.

Find out more about how these advantages were achieved by watching the video here.

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