New in the CBLD Library: Dealing Responsibly with Operational Concerns Field Guide

Michael Healy 2011

Field Guide: Dealing Responsibly with Operational Concerns

by Michael Healy

Directors who are diligently trying to fulfill their fiduciary duty regularly notice things within their co-op that may be cause for concern—or at least worth asking about. A t the same time, these same directors want to honor the board’s clear delegation to the general manager and their manager’s professional judgment. How can responsible directors do both? This Field Guide will outline an approach that opens a clear path through what can sometimes be a thorny dilemma.

“I’ve always been impressed by board members who have figured out how to balance their own sense of responsibility with their desire to honor the efforts of their co-op’s GM and employees. Those directors have taught me a lot, much of which I’ve tried to synthesize in this new Field Guide. I hope other directors find these insights as helpful as I’ve found them.”

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