Navigate the Waters

Expansion consultant Bill Gessner said today’s expansion projects might seem more daunting than ever, but not doing one when you need to isn’t a good option either. You have to get in the water. You can’t stand on the shore, you have to dive in, but you can be smart about it.

There are lots of ways to be smart. One of the most prudent thing people can do is get the professional advice they need in order to make informed decisions. That help is available at CDS and goes through the spectrum of a project’s timeline — feasibility planning, financing, governance, store design, and project management.

Food cooperators have always been an innovative bunch, figuring out ways to make things happen, even with limited resources. As food co-ops head into this new and potentially challenging phase of business planning, we feel confident that co-ops will be able to continue to meet the needs of their communities with vision and strategic actions. With the increased cost and complexity of projects, remember what your mother always said, “Never swim alone.”

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