Meet Adam Schwartz: Co-op Advocate

Schwartz-Adam2Adam Schwartz has spent his career advocating for co-ops and promoting their value to industry leaders and consumers.

Schwartz’s background in lobbying and public policy was critical in convincing Congress to fund the first-ever in-depth research project on the economic impact of cooperatives, conducted by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives. Schwartz leverages his extensive cooperative network to develop communication strategies about the advantages of cooperation. He’s a frequent speaker and author on cooperative business, and appeared on CNN and MSNBC to promote cooperatives as the better business model for economic and social change. “By working together to create more cooperatives, we ensure our own long term success,” he said.

Adam served as vice president for public affairs and member services from 2005-2011 for the National Cooperative Business Association, the only national cross-sector member association with a mission of developing, protecting and advancing cooperative businesses. Currently he is the founder of The Cooperative Way, and works in partnership with the CDS Consulting Co-op to help co-ops gain maximum advantage through training programs enhancing co-op culture, communications, and cross-sector cooperation. He is also working to establish an investment fund eligible for 401(k) plans that is invested exclusively in co-ops.

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