Impressive Financial Improvement Using CoCoGap

The Co-op Grocers Association Midwest (CGAMW) has been involved in CoCoGap projects for three years. It began with general managers choosing one department to focus on and using CoCoGap to create goals they wanted that department to obtain. The general managers would report progress back to the group at their quarterly meetings.

After their initial success, many managers rolled the project out to all the departments in their stores. To enhance the department managers’ ability to meet their goals in year two, the CGAMWinitiated quarterly department manager trainings (a different department is focused on each quarter). The next step was to set operational performance standards for each department, and tracking performance quarterly (called a success report).

In May 2003 the combined gains were reports of over $700,000 out of a possible $1.3 million. The report for the newest projects show a captured Gap of almost $200,000 of a potential $1.1 million (some stores are only on their first or first two quarters of this newest project).

In January 2003 the Co-op Grocers Association Northeast (CGANE) and Southeast (SECGA) met in North Carolina and were given a presentation by CDS on the power of the Gap project in theCGAMW. CGANE chose to move forward and model a similar approach, focusing on one department in each store for operational improvement. While it takes time for the initial projects to get off the ground (and to build up peer accountability)CGANE met in November and reported over $50,000 captured out of a potential $417,000—even though only 7 of the 17 participating stores reported.

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