How does your food co-op measure up? It’s doing a lot of good!

because-smWe’ve all known that our food co-ops do a lot for our communities. From supporting local and organic agriculture, to environmental stewardship and impacting local economies, our mission to do good on behalf of our communities has yielded very impressive results. Now, thanks to a study commissioned by the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) and the ICA Group, we have even more data that shows just how much impact our community-owned grocery stores have had across the United States.

In the report Healthy Foods Healthy Communities: The Social and Economic Impacts of Food Co-ops, you’ll learn all the ways food co-ops have made a difference. Be sure to check out the video “What’s to love about food co-ops?” for great stats about all that food co-ops do for local ­communities.

Read the full study.

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