Great Idea: Co-op Leaders Recommend CBLD In-Person Events

Enrollment in the CBLD program comes with a number of tangible benefits—including the opportunity to take advantage of excellent in-person training sessions. These workshops (CBL 101, Leadership Training and the Co-op Café) address everything from the basics and beyond: board roles and responsibilities, cooperative governance, organizational leadership and fostering greater participation and democracy within cooperatives. Not only will people in attendance get tools to apply to their work at the co-op, they will experience the perks of in-person events—they are motivating and inspiring.

phyliss-miller-vAt these face-to-face meetings people have the opportunity to have direct contact with experts, as well as opportunities to discuss their ideas and challenges with colleague cooperators in their region. Phyllis Miller, the board chair at Maple City Market in Goshen, Indiana, said the CBL 101 training is “priceless” and she loves the positive energy. “We are able to bring back the energy for strategic initiatives.” And because the CBL101 session is offered concurrently with Leadership Training, “We always send a gang!”

At City Market/Onion River Co-op in Burlington, Vermont, they send board and staff together to CBLD In-Person Events. Pat Burns, the co-op’s general manager said, “Having board and staff participate together in the training allows for better interaction and has made us more effective in the work we do to make City Market successful.” Bobby Sullivan, the general manager at French Broad Food Co-op in Asheville, North Carolina said they are invaluable. “The alignment between boards, staff and owners, which is so essential for any co-op’s success, is much easier to attain and to hold on to.”

All you have to do to be part them is sign up. Costs are minimal—used to cover meals and materials. Register here.

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