Global Cooperation Starts with Local Momentum

Dame Pauline Green, the current president of the International Cooperative Alliance, is one of our cooperative heroes. Dame Green moves through the world as a force of nature, creating change, and giving voice to cooperative initiatives world-wide. She was the first woman elected president of the ICA in 2009 when she argued that the time was right for radical change in the priorities of the ICA. Throughout her career she’s successfully lobbied for co-op legislation and new co-op development, positioning the ICA for greater influence in world economic policy. Through her example and commitment, she had demonstrated the power of putting ideas into action.

Dame Green thinks that cooperatives need to strategically invest, not just to “spend” capital, to create cooperatives that empower people and communities. How can you or your co-op turn ideas in to action? What does your co-op need to invest in to be a business leader in your community? In this issue of Solutions, we are pleased to offer practical advice as well as inspiration from global co-op leaders like Dame Green. It’s a strong call to action to take part in a global movement that has so much to offer us right where we live.

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