Continuous Connected Board Effectiveness Eastern PilotProgram

CDS is currently developing CoCoBEEPP so strong local co-op boards will play a key role in the success of thriving local food co-ops. Co-ops have many talented and dedicated board leaders whose effectiveness can be enhanced with access to resources and support structures. Twenty-four co-ops are currently enrolled and receiving CoCoBEEEP services.

Each participating co-op receives:

  • Ongoing, regular consultation for each Board President (or other board leader, if appropriate). Up to 20 hours of consultation per year for each co-op.
  • Facilitation of and planning assistance for a full day retreat for each co-op board at a site selected by the board.
  • Cooperative Board Leadership 101. Topics will include board roles and responsibilities, basic financial understanding, cooperative principles and economics, overview of Policy Governance, and current issues facing food coops.

Consultation and training services are provided by the Cooperative Development Services (CDS) Leadership Development Team: Marilyn Scholl, coordinator, Linda Stier, Peg Nolan, Michael Healy and Mark Goehring.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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