CDS Tools for Improving Co-op Performance

Cooperative Development Services actively encourages cooperative networks that help strengthen individual co-ops as well as the movement in general. We also have developed a cadre of very capable consultants to help co-ops discover and implement opportunities for improvement, and who have created valuable programs such as Cooperative Policy Governance, Partners for Life, expansion programs, a Location Analog Database, and membership surveys.

To date, the most far-reaching project within natural food cooperative development has been the creation of the Common Cooperative Financial Statements (CoCoFiSt). Spearheaded by Walden Swanson of CDS, CoCoFiSt’s goal is to strengthen the cooperative advantage by collecting and sharing financial data to improve store operations. Co-ops from all over the country now compare and share information on margin, labor, inventory and sales. Managers can extrapolate best-practices in any department, and use CoCoFiSt as a tool for improving their own store.

As most co-ops discover, continual improvement and change encourages innovation and creativity—a hallmark of successful cooperative endeavors. CDS itself continues to evolve, and within this issue of Solutions we welcome our new Executive Director Kevin Edberg, who looks forward to working with us on the growth and expansion of the services we offer.

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