Stage 2 – Feasibility & Planning

Choosing the Right Location for your Co-op

Guest Presenter: Rochelle Prunty, GM, River Valley Market, Northampton, MA Why is location so important? What site characteristics should you look for? When do you need a market study? When should you hire a professional to vet your location options? When should a group start looking for a site? (or [...]

Capitalizing your co-op

What are the various ways to capitalize your co-op? What factors should you consider? How can you implement a plan to achieve the various sources of capital? What are some effective strategies for working with primary (institutional) lenders?

Planning your member loan campaign

Learning objectives: an overview understanding of what is involved in planning and implementing a member loan program greater understanding of how to organize a member loan program the role of professional consulting support and legal counsel in the planning and implementing of a member loan drive   notes regarding the recording... 1. [...]

Evaluating feasibility and planning for success 2

Learning objectives: the components of a feasibility assessment learn what goes into business planning learn the difference between feasibility assessment and business planning and when each is needed which areas of feasibility and planning require technical expertise