Catch the Co-op Wave

Consumer Co-op Managers Association Conference

June 16–18, San Diego, CA

CDS Consulting Co-op members will be offering these workshops at the annual CCMA conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

Overcoming the Challenges of Opening Stores in Suburban Areas, Debbie Suassuna, with CE Pugh

Riding the Growing Wave: A Systematic Approach to Expansion Planning, Bill Gessner and Jeanie Wells

Business Planning: The Process and the Product, Mel Braverman

Don’t Get Caught Inside: Preparing Your Board for Expansion, Todd Wallace with Dan Gillotte and Rose Marie Klee

Riding the A Frame: Board, General Managers and Cooperative Strategic Leadership, Art Sherwood

Make a Wave Your GM Can Ride, Thane Joyal and Carolee Colter

What I Really Want to Know: Open Question and Answer, Marilyn Scholl and Ann Hoyt

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