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Most co-ops know that it’s important that shoppers see your brand. After all consumers encounter an average of about 5,000 marketing messages per day! It’s important that your brand be memorable, speak to who you are as a co-op and consistent so shoppers know exactly where to go for their grocery needs. But how can your co-op use its brand to its full potential?

unnamed (3)Make sure your team knows how to use RGB and CMYK correctly so your colors match in all applications. RGB is for digital use (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc) and CMYK is used for print marketing materials (brochures, flyers, in store signage).

All department signage should come from the marketing department with editable templates that every department can use to make (slight) edits.

unnamed (12)Conduct a professional brand audit using a professional who understands your co-op and the unique marketing techniques co-ops can use compared to conventional stores.

All marketing pieces need to be reviewed by the marketing manager before being used. Take the extra time and you’ll thank yourselves.

Your co-op’s story needs to be shared throughout your store. Make sure you have consistent branded graphics, infographics, messaging, signage – the whole 9 yards.

unnamed (13)Make sure signage and messaging is in the appropriate spots so shoppers can see and experience it. For example, are your aisle signs too high?

You don’t need to use your logo in every nook and cranny of your store. Once they are inside, your shoppers should experience the brand, not the logo. They should know where they are before they get to the produce department!

Branding is an important component of success in today’s fast growing and ever changing marketplace. These tips can help your co-op consistently communicate why consumers should choose to shop at your co-op.

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