Board Holism

todd-wallace-pullout-connections-2016-10The core concern of co-op board members is how to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to the co-op and communicate their work to owners.  Thane Joyal and Todd Wallace illuminate a path to success for implementing board holism, or speaking with one voice.

“Process is key,” Wallace said, and this online recorded workshop helps viewers:

  • Understand board holism
  • How to practice it
  • Build trust and respect

For example, co-op board members are fundamentally different from elected members of congress.  Elected representatives are individuals responsible to their constituents, but they have no fiduciary duty to them or to the entire population.  Co-op board members have a duty to do their best on behalf of all owners of the co-op, and that’s why it’s important for them to work together to make decisions as a whole governing body.  “It’s easy to understand but harder to do in practice,” said Joyal, because there will naturally be disagreements.  This online recorded workshop will help boards with finding productive ways to have important conversations.


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