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Board Leadership Development

Boycotts and Democracy – The Eden Foods Product Boycott as an Opportunity to Renew Co-op Participation and Democracy

By Todd Wallace In the summer of 2014, a Supreme Court ruling in the case of Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby led the CEO of Eden Foods, a prominent organic foods producer, to revive an earlier 2013 court case arguing that the company be exempted from paying for its employees to [...]

Reinventing our Cooperative Democracy: A Conversation

By Art Sherwood, Todd Wallace 175 November-December 2014 In 2013, the International Cooperative Alliance, in its “Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade,” identified the elevating of participation as a key component of its 2020 Vision for more and stronger cooperatives. The “Blueprint” states that, “Democratic member participation is the best-known feature [...]

Agile and Efficient: Board Committees and Structures that Work

By Todd Wallace 164 Jan-Feb 2013 The use of committees by boards is ubiquitous—as it should be, considering a small group’s agility when compared to a whole board. Unfortunately, boards often end up with unwieldy committee structures, groups that take up time and resources with little to show for it, or committee participants who feel [...]

Writing Ends Policies

Where we are headed matters. If we don’t know where we are going any road will do. A primary responsibility of a board is to define the reason for the organization’s existence.  What are we here for?  What should be different because we exist? For whom? For a board that [...]

Healthy Board Dissent

By Todd Wallace 161 July - August - 2012 Our co-op boards are groups elected and charged with a common purpose: fulfilling the legal and moral obligations of their co-op, on behalf of a diverse set of member-owners. Their fiduciary responsibilities demand high-quality deliberation and decision-making to ensure both the [...]

GM Report Support 01: Ends Panel Discussion

Panelists: Clem Nilan, Onion River/City Market, Burlington VT Glenn Bergman, Weavers Way, Philadelphia Tim Bartlett, Lexington Co-op, Buffalo Kari Bradley, Hunger Mountain, Montpelier, VT Lori Burge, People's Food Co-op, Portland OR

The Rochdale Pioneers: Roots of the Cooperative Movement

Explore the history of the modern-day cooperative, delve into societal trends, gain understanding of the economic and religious forces at work and let Todd Wallace weave the pieces together for you in this riveting story-telling journey through cooperative history.