Answering “Yes”

No magic. No brain surgery required.

It’s no secret customers are looking for the best deal. Especially now. So can your co-op continue to afford the prime customer service and knowledgeable staff that sets it apart from the competition? Will consumers still be willing pay for food that’s produced with integrity? Finding a way to answer “yes” to both of those questions is the challenge of the moment for food cooperators.

It is possible to engage everyone in your organization in the solution. Slashing and burning expenses on top budgetary items isn’t always necessary, or the most effective. That’s because you don’t want your process to ignore a fundamental of doing business well—continual improvement. Finding a way to balance the needs of consumers and employees with those of business survival means taking a hard look at the way you do things and fixing them. No magic, no brain surgery required. Just a thinking cap and the wherewithal to make change.

The good news to everyone is that there are so many resources available that can help retailers with business basics and improving the bottom line. At CDS Consulting Co-op, our specialty is helping you find the right person or piece of information that allows your food co-op to make a meaningful contribution to your community well into the 21st century.

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